Nikki Haley is Going to be the Next Republican US President

Nikki Haley is probably the most talked about UN Ambassador of recent years. With good reason, she is actually doing stuff. Now most people have only recently heard of who Nikki Haley is so here I hope to shed some light on the person dominating the airwaves’ and why I think she is the obvious choice for the republicans for President.


Before Nikki Haley had the guts to stare down 200 of the world leaders to defend American allies in the UN she was a rising star in the GOP.  She was born in South Carolina in 1972 and ended up graduating from Clemson.  She moved on working in the private sector on with waste management and then moved to her family’s company,  Exotica International’s.  Before her time in congress she also became the president of the National Association of Women Business Owner’s.  In 2004 she ran for the South Carolina  House and Won 3 terms in a row.  Then in 2010 she became the first female Governor of South Carolina and the second from an Indian Decent.  She then earned her reelection in 2014.  After being offered the spot of secretary of state and saying she wasn’t interested she was offered to be UN ambassador.  I mean just after reading that can there be a more experienced candidate for president?

Nikki Haley also has one big thing going for her, she is an Enigma in the Republican Party, Not White, and a Women.  A rarity for a party that can’t seem to get away from the old white guy as its poster boy. She would have the great opportunity to stand up to the Democrats standing as the party of Women.

Also did I mention her husband??


An officer in the South Carolina National Guard!  He is said to be the first spouse of a governor to have served in active duty when he deployed to Helmand Province in Afghanistan.  So she is married to a soldier who also dedicated his life to this country as well.  So she truly lives with the cost of sending soldiers to war and knows first hand how tough it is to have a family member sent to a different country to fight.

Democrats wouldn’t know what to do if Republicans picked her as their candidate.  How can you say she is anti-woman.  How can you say she hates minorities.  These being the usual Democratic comebacks for Republicans.

If I had to describe her political beliefs I would say she is right in the middle of the party, not a Tea Partier, Not a leftist republican, she is right in the middle of the party line on her beliefs.  Which I think is key to winning the election next time around for republicans.  She will be right enough to win the party.  Then able to win over undecideds during the general.  No matter what Nikki Haley is going to be president or not it is obvious to me that she is going to be a big part of the Republican Party in the future. So no matter if you are Democrat or Republican start to learn about a big part of the future of American politics for the next decade.


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