Time to Fight Coastal Elite’s

Today is the day that it all begins, a year after the Donald Trump presidency here I am creating a company with some of the smartest friends to fight liberal elitism. After the election of Donald Trump last year all of my liberal friends couldn’t believe how this happen how could the midwest elect such a terrible person.  They cried, and cried, and cried. maxresdefault You know what I told them, it’s because you ignored us, you ignored and made fun of what you call the fly over state’s. The sate’s that grow corn and make all of your food.  Every single news station didn’t take us seriously, didn’t understand the average Midwestern vote. They didn’t think we mattered in America. They thought the only people to vote for Donald Trump were extremist not the average Midwestern person who just wants to grow corn and watch the Cubs win a world series. Liberals forget that the country is more than just the coasts,

Updated Liberal Elite2_1471721620.png

there is the middle, the heartland, the grit of America.  The America where you get up and get the job done, where you fight the conditions to create a better life for your family and your community.  The best America and that’s what we hope to highlight here.  The America that the news, talk shows, and movies forget. To show why life here in the Midwest is the best.depositphotos_15558127-stock-photo-usa-midwest-region-state-flags.jpg



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