Netflix Shows to Help with Your New Years Resolution

Tomorrow we are all going to wake up and try to improve ourselves with all of our New Years Resolutions so we picked the most common New Years resolutions and the Netflix Shows that match.

  1. Weight Loss      maxresdefault.jpgThis documentary will get you more motivated than anything you have ever seen.  The first time I watched this I lost my mind, I wanted to wake up the next day and join a cross fit gym and run a marathon.

  2. Get a New Job                          DFh06k2UIAA95d8.jpg                                                 Now this may seem out of no-where but this shows is one of the most inspirational  series I have ever seen.  Each one of these kids didn’t want to go to this college.  They went because they had a dream of playing football and they wanted to follow that dream for as long as they possibly could. Some of them succeed some don’t but they played till the very end.
  3. Save Money                                                        download.jpg                                                                           This movie is truly an inside look at the financial crisis 2007 and it makes you sick with how much money these people were playing with.  This made me want to  save all of my money so I never have to worry about sketchy bankers ruining my life.
  4. Get Organized     unnamed.jpg                             This movie showed how reorganizing a restaurant created a phenomenon that has shaped the way we eat food in the world while also creating one of the biggest business in the US.  If that doesn’t show you the power of organization I don’t know what will.
  5. Travelmaxresdefault.jpgSeason 2 of the Crown went up this December and it is by far one of the greatest TV shows this year.  You will learn more about the royal family in this season and be shocked by how much you didn’t know, like how close royals were to Nazi’s.  This show will inspire you to want to go to England or at least make you feel like you were living in London experiencing some of the craziest revelations in Royal history.
  6. Stop Procrastinating                                                          Gilmore_Girls_Netflix_Poster.jpg                                                                                         This show couldn’t seem to be filled with more procrastination if it tried.  Whether its forgetting to break up with your boyfriend or delaying getting married or delaying ending a fling.  This show I think was only made to show everyone what can happen to you if you don’t stop procrastinating, so take caution from the Gilmore Girls and stop procrastinating!
  7. Spend More Time With Friends rogue-one-character-line-up.jpgNow this may seem like a movie meant for just the nerds in your life but being the first stand alone star wars movie, it makes a story that you can just watch without any background knowledge of Star Wars. Its got action, it has drama, and it has comedy.  It’s a movie that you can throw on and watch with your friends and enjoy even if you miss 10 minutes but never be bored.
  8. Reduce Stressarrested-development-season-4-netflix-01.jpg                 This is probably going to be my most controversial pick, people either love this show or hate it.   But honestly if you can’t find this family to be laughable then you must be evil!  Crack a beer, invite some friends over and just laugh your face off.

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