Democrats Claim Hi-Ground in Sexual Harassment problem in DC

Many Democrats today are rejoicing because one of the biggest sexual harrasers in the party is being forced out from public life for all of his wrong doings he has done.  The fact that multiple women have come forward and said, “this guy did inappropriate things and I have proof.”  With the proof the democrats finally said enough is enough.  We need to be the party that protects women and doesn’t protect the men who abuse their power to abuse them.  So they are finally kicking him out of the party….





Oh wait, sorry.  They didn’t kick out one of the most notoriously powerful men to use his power to have sex with his subordinates.  But come on the democrats already took care of good old Bill and didn’t support him after the news and proof that he had sexual relations with a young employee of his.   They made sure he paid the cost for being such a terrible abuser of women.





Oh sorry, never mind they voted to make sure that he stayed in office and protected him through the end of his term.  But lets remember after he was out of office it isn’t like the democrats kept liking and supporting him, they made sure to keep their space from him and ensured that they had nothing to do with him in the last 20 years, because the democrats are the party to protect women and they would never let such a bad man represent them.






Clinton Campaigning for Obama
Clinton Campaigning for his wife 2016


Okay, okay so maybe he represented them a little with a couple campaign stops but its not like they gave a man who abbused women awards or anything!








Obama giving Bill the Medal of Freedom in 2013


So maybe the Democrats haven’t pushed one of the biggest sexual harresers in history but listen, it’s Bill Clinton.  He was president, he was good old Bill.  Who doesn’t love the Bill.  But listen, the Democrats are still kicking out members in the house and senate just look in the past, they made sure Weiner would never be back.

Serial Sexter

The Democrats pushed him out after his time in office and made sure that he would never ever run for an office again and represent them.  They made sure that he knew there was no chance he could run again.







Anthony Weiner decides to run for Mayor after being kicked out of songress for sexting Scandal

Yea okay maybe he did a little mayor race in New York City, but this was a fringe thing and no one would ever vote for him because he was doing such terrible things to women.  Remember he got crushed in the general election so it doesn’t even matter.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.08.46 PM.png

So maybe he lead the polls for a little bit  and only lost because of a second sexting scandal while running for office.   But remeber they are the party of good people who are all about respecting women because democrats are kicking out two men who sexually harrased women.  The sexual harrasers have been in office from 1965, and 2009.  So what if it took them 30 and 10 years to get them out of the ranks.  So democrats looked the other way for a while but listen they are out of the party now so take that republicans!

So Democrats take it a little easy when you take your victory lap from kicking Al Franken out of office, sepecally when you try to say you are the party for women because you seem to be the party to protect the people who hurt and abuse women.


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