Screw Bill Nye

Over the past year I have turned from being a Bill Nye lover to a Bill Nye hater.  This may come as an outrage to some of you, “how dare he attack the science lovers lord and savior.”  Trust me I get it, nothing was better when the teacher rolled in the tv and pushed in that Bill Nye tape, let’s be honest it was basically the greatest moment in your 12-year-old self life.  It was basically the 12 year old equivalent to a dance party in school.

But now that I am older, the only time I seems to see good old Bill is on every news channel ever being an expert on some science topic and telling everyone facts.

nye_cnn.jpgscreen shot 2014-02-16 at 12.03.50 pm.jpgmaxresdefault.jpg

Well here is the problem, Bill isn’t a scientist!  The dude has no degree in science.  I am not trying to be rude and attack Bill, he is a nice and funny guy but I am sorry if you are trying to change hearts and minds don’t send a fake scientist to Fox news.  They will eat you up for breakfast. Trying to fight Fox news on climate change is like fighting a dragon, and sending Bill Nye in is like sending a mouse to fight a dragon.  The reason why is  because this moment happens.


I mean, this is just something that I will always say if I ever meet Bill Nye and tries to lecture me about science. “Bill I got my information from a scientist not a comedian, so stop lecturing me.”  I just BOOM ROASTED him.  Michael Scott could take this guy down with two words.


And let’s be honest, if Michael Scott could have come up with a Boom Roasted on you, you should just quit while your ahead. All I’m saying is that if we want someone to be the face of science in our time, lets pick a real scientist not somebody Michael Scott can prove wrong.  Lets get a real one, a guy America can trust the scientist we need.


Just look at Neil deGrasse Tyson. You see this guy walk in to a bar or on the news you shut up and listen.  You do spit takes when he drops knowledge bombs on you.  I looked at his Resume once and practically had a heart attack.  He has more advanced degree’s then I have matching pairs of socks.

So next time you see Bill Nye, just say #BOOMROASTED


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