The Millennial Christian

So, you’ve noticed that you now like fair trade coffee, organic avocadoes, and oils are more than simply essential to your daily existence. You have started growing a beard and you have a tattoo in Hebrew that means “courage.” You are undoubtedly wearing black skinny jeans with Clarks. Make no mistake, those jeans are ripped through both of the knees for sure.

hipster jeans

You are finding out that you have always had an affinity for locally sourced handmade leather products and you love the new nylon strap you bought for your wristwatch. You now find peace in saving our public lands and recycling is a must. You are empowered and free to put down those on Twitter who do not love the outdoors nor recycle. You aren’t and eco-terrorist, you’re a Millennial Christian.


Don’t fret. We already know that Jesus is lit, but the church is just way to religious for you. Your opinions on Facebook are radically changing the face of two thousand years of theology. No degree. No interest in sourcing your statements. 100% Authentic. No one gets it like you do. You give your life as a service to others via your online struggle for social justice . Fidget spinners are your thing and you are probably about to tell that girl that God just wants you to be together. Bet. It’s a hard life. The road is narrow. People approach you and tell you to just “get a real job” and to just “think about more than just yourself.” They just don’t understand. Do not be troubled, help is out there. There is a safe zone prepared for you.


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